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me at forever 21

  • “wow this would be great if it wasn’t covered in crosses and studs”
  • “was the galaxy print necessary”
  • “why is this so cheap”
  • “why is this so expensive”
  • “why is everything so ugly”
  • “why are 90% of my clothes from here”
  • “i hate everything here”
  • “im gonna buy everything”

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have u ever listened to music thats so good u dont want to even go to bed even tho its past 2am and all u want to do is listen to beautiful noises until you overdose 

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my thick thighs and basic brown eyes will win over someone’s heart one day

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when someone tells me they don’t want to go to Disney because it’s stupid.


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to the window
to the wall
to the trash where i belong

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Don’t ask yourself, “Is this normal?” Instead, ask yourself:

Is this healthy?

Is this good for me?

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the best headline i’ve ever read.

yes. apparently a kid was screaming in line behind him about wanting pie, so he bought every single one. 23 pies. then slowly ate them as he stared at the kid and kid’s mom.

This is amazing

OKAY so my mom found this article (or one about the same event) on Facebook. Basically what happened was, this guy went into BK with a headache, and while he was in line this kid and his mother enter the restaurant. The kid begins throwing a fit, screaming (I quote) “I want a fucking pie!” This is a child, mind you. His mother, on the phone, ignores the kid. The man’s headache got worse because of this screaming kid and he asked the woman if she could control her child. She told him to stop telling him how to raise her kid and went back to talking on the phone. So the guy orders his burger and all the pies they had- 23. He proceeded to the exit, only to hear the woman yell, “What do you mean, you don’t have any pies?” The cashier helplessly points out the man who bought all the pies. Our hero, to rub salt in the wound, slowly starts eating a pie before leaving.

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I used to dream that I would meet a prince
But God Almighty, have you seen what’s happened since?

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im really fucking sarcastic for someone who’s about to start crying most of the time

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i hate america i’m moving to hawaii

should someone say something

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for someone who pretends to have no emotions whatsoever im really sensitive

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